Fall Cleanup & Leaf Removal

Our fall cleanup and leaf removal services typically commence in early to mid-October and include leaf and lawn debris collection, as well as removal of old annuals from pots and an additional short mowing of your turf areas to ready your property for the cold months ahead. We are sure to pay special attention to Evergreens and other low branching trees and shrubs being sure to remove all leaves from under the interior of the planting. A typical property in our area will require anywhere from one to four visits per season.

In recent years, leaf disposal has become an increased concern because of limited landfill space. Consistent with environmental recommendations, we will attempt to distribute leaves in large natural areas within your property if you have wooded areas on your land that would benefit from this practice. This disposal process contributes to the natural replenishment of soil nutrients in these areas.

Another beneficial method of removing leaves is by mulching small amounts of them into your turf, which can be done while mowing your property. This process provides valuable organic matter that can improve turfgrass health and development. We employ the practice of mulching leaves only if it is deemed optimal for your property and the health of your turf. If neither of these alternative methods are appropriate, or you’d rather not use them, we will gather and remove your fall debris and dispose of it at a composting site. No matter which disposal method used, we ensure top quality landscape results. To read a more in-depth article on mulching leaves take a look at our recent blog on this subject


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