“You are gifted. Thank you for using that gift to help me. Our patio and grounds look marvelous. Thank you. Thank you” 
–Barbara S.

“I went outside with Pat just now and we are still taking it all in. It is beautiful. Our neighbor from on high (who we never spoke to before) actually walked out, and looked over to say it is beautiful. Thanks  for making our house a home and for giving us the garden of our dreams”. 
–Joanne B.

“There are a few things in life that are critical to find and hard to get–a good doctor, a good tailor and a good landscaper. Thanks for making our yard beautiful and for your friendship”. 
–Curt & Sandy

“This is one of the very best contracting experiences my wife and I have had. Our Project Manager and Landscape Designer showed a true passion for her work”. 
–Ann T.

“The quality was world class and professionally accomplished.” 
–Tom M.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and they finished a couple of days ahead of schedule. Really remarkable company”. 
–Betsy C.

“I feel like we got as close to having a white-glove experience in the landscaping business as I suspect is possible.” 
–Michele A.

“In one word, excellent. Did a great job with design & plant selections. The crew wasted no time. Professionalism was on display.” 
–Mark R.

“We recently had a gathering of neighbors at our home. We had set up refreshments in the dining room. However, once our company saw the patio, we were unable to get them back inside. That is a testament to Professional Grounds, Inc. superior performance”. 
–David S.

“Your personal attention to detail and follow up is what made the difference for my family and I in having selected Professional Grounds, Inc.” 
–Florence G.

“Our yard looks amazing! Our family and friends rave about the changes. We feel very good about our experience with Professional Grounds, Inc.” 
–Meredith J.

“Working with Professional Grounds, Inc. is kind of like having a professional landscaper in the family”. 
–Robert S.

“Amazing…They constantly worked hard, paid attention to detail and were incredibly polite”. 
–Carolyn B.

“The foremen who build the walls in both front and side [of the house] is a consummate professional and an artist”. 
–John M.

“Every spring, we host a community clean up day, we focus our energy on the large amount of litter that gathers on our property line and South Kings Highway. I’m happy to report this year was different…we found that a majority of the litter was picked up by Professional Grounds. Thank you for going the extra mile, it clearly shows!” 
–Jonathan W.

“Special thanks, long overdue, to the Area Manager and crews for the extra work they did in cleaning up all of the grounds before the end of the year”. 
–Jerry B.

“Thanks so much for all the planning and programming you do to stay on top of the big and little things that need doing around our properties; I am truly glad you are in my corner. Thanks so much for your attention. Look forward to seeing a lot of you this year”. 
–Dee L.

“I just wanted to write that it was great to see the Professional Grounds crew out at Tall Tree South today. They did a fabulous job picking up a lot of sticks and edging the garden beds. I took a walk thru the grounds tonight and saw beautiful, sinuous, curved garden beds where I’d never seen them before” 
–Mindy C., Homeowner in community

“Solid performer.” 
–Tom M.

“I promote GOOD companies that perform and charge the right price. Professional Grounds, Inc. quality and performance is OUTSTANDING…THANK YOU for making my job easy”. 
–Nicole M.

“The Chairman of our HOA’s Architectural Review Committee told me that our ‘yard looks super!’ and added PGI to the list of vendors on the Association’s website in hopes that other residents will choose Progrounds for their future projects!”. 
Hobart C.

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