Disease & Insect Control

In the spring and summer months, plantings are increasingly susceptible to to disease and insect infestations. Our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) for ornamental trees and shrubs was developed many years ago in response to the need for improved pest management while reducing reliance on pesticides. Professional Grounds, Inc. was one of the first companies to employ this strategy and continues to be on the forefront of the industry.

We follow all trade/university publications to ensure we are always employing the best management strategies and products.Our technique uses much more targeted controls to specific pests or diseases which requires the use of less pesticides. Treatments for diseases and insect control are made during our regular visits, performed by a Commercial VA Certified Ornamental Applicator. A few examples of applications applied during our visits include: applications of horticultural oil in early March to plants that are susceptible to scale insects and in May and June we pay additional mind to inspect all plants, especially evergreens, for bag worm infestations and spider mites.


Our IPM program involves setting a threshold to control plant loss caused by pests on your property through a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls to best suit your landscape and the practices you, as a homeowner, are most comfortable with. Click Here to read a more about the importance of IPM programs and our environment.


We apply insecticides on an as need basis and continue to treat any additional identified infestations. Fungicide and pesticide applications may be recommended if the disease or insect infestation warrants; however, we prefer to use other methods of control and minimize chemical use, which is safer for the environment.