Site Inspections

Site inspections are performed to gain an overview of your site for various horticultural and aesthetic concerns. The needs of each element of your landscape will vary, with many having special requirements. As the professional, we will assess the conditions of your landscape and make determinations as to the proper procedure for the continued care of your entire property. The inspection requires a strong understanding of horticultural practices and your property’s overall site design.

Some of the additional services that may be suggested through findings at your property’s site visit include:


Soil samples can be taken to measure nutrient levels in your yard’s unique soil. If these levels are not consistent the turf or plant will not perform optimally or uniformly. Our Agronomists who study of the soil chemical levels in relation to its affects on plants and turf, will be able to make personalized applications schedules to best suit your property.


Deer repellant can be used on property where deer are eating and damaging the landscape. While we work hard to select and suggest plants that are not deer-prone, their are other variabilities such as a particular homeowners preference of plantings and how motivated the deer are to find food. The deer repellant is a liquid or granular application that has an odor that deer do not like. This application, is not harmful to wildlife and in many cases should be done frequently to prevent the deer from entering and damaging the landscape.


Tick control is a preventative application to control Ticks in the landscape and mainly around outdoor spaces used for entertaining and family activities.  The application can be applied in two methods: using the irrigation system to spray the product through and with the water for irrigation or through a spray application by hand. Today there are many chemical cocktail that use a combination of non-pesticide products to provide these controls.


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